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What is it?




What is a RockN'Cycle Fitness Cycling Class? We're like a SPIN  class but better because at RockN'Cycle, we're all about the music! 


This cardiovascular indoor cycling workout, often called SPIN or SPINNING, has participants ride specially designed stationary bikes.  These bikes use a heavy flywheel to have the rider create resistance, simulating riding outside with varying terrain.  During class the instructor coaches amounts of resistance and positions on the bike.  How much resistance used and intensity put into the workout is entirely up to the rider.  You also may get some free trivia and a lot of laughs!


What are the Benefits of RockN'Cycle Fitness Cycling Classes?


You'll be CRAVING this work out!  It's all about burning calories, strengthening muscles & bones, and training your heart while getting an excellent workout AND NOT BE BORED!  This non-impact class is suited for all fitness levels and all ages.  You're in control of your workout while your being coached with the music. PLUS - classes are instructed for ALL levels.  So anyone can take a class - all ages, abilities, and experiences.  


Why Participate in RockN'Cycle Fitness Cycling Classes?


Motivating Music ...

Music that YOU like because we take requests!  Hearing a favorite song or music artist makes the class even more fun!  We feel it's all about the music. Generally we play classic rock or some newer rock. If any disliked songs come up on a playlist, a new song can easily be chosen.  The only "rule":  let the instructor know if a song that's playing is not your "style".  At RockN'Cycle the music is KEY! Well, the only other "rule" is to HAVE FUN!


Motivating Instructors ...


Wendy Ryan is the originator of RockN'Cycle, previously called Schroon Cycling. She is a trained & an experienced AFAA certified instructor with close to 30 years of instructing group fitness and SPINNING. She was originally certified through AFAA and then JohnnyG/Madd Dog SPIN and has taught at many gyms in N.J., Dallas, F.L., & N.Y.  


Mike Ryan is a trained and experienced Madd Dog Athletics SPINNING instructor as well as a Tae Kwon Do martial arts master instructor. 

Please see our Instructors page to learn more.


Motivating Camaraderie in a Group Class = FUN!

Yes ... Having fun while sweating like you've never sweated before and enjoying endorphins making you feel great! 


What to Bring

Besides the desire to get a great, fun workout, please bring a container of water and a small sweat towel. Wear biking shorts, preferably padded, and workout wear with sneakers that preferably have a hard bottom or cycling shoes with SPD clips. 


Who Should NOT Take This Class?

Women who are pregnant who are new to SPINNING/Indoor Cycling as with any exercise program that can be taxing. Anyone with a medical condition that requires a doctor's approval and does not have their doctor's approval.

Also a class participant should never be under the influence of alcohol or any substance that can cause impaired judgement.

What's the Cost?

Our donation request of $5 has remained since day one. Virtually everything has increased in price but not here at RockN'Cycle. We want you to join us and encourage you to be fit by not increasing our donation request. PLUS starting this year, the very first time that you take class with us there's no charge - it's FREE! So, join us for class. What do you have to lose but calories and some sweat?

Why Participate?
What to Bring
Who Should Not Participate
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